Below are the questions received on the RFQ, next to each question is the response.

1. We would like to view the 2006 US Army Corps of Engineers Mahoning River Environmental Dredging Project Feasibility Study and were unable to find it on the internet (the links we found for this are now inactive). Could you please direct us to this document or forward a copy?

Response: I will attached what I have that is not on the Village of Lowellville web-page - this will take more than one e-mail.

2. We would also like to review any sediment analyses completed at the project area. At this point, we are specifically interested in understanding the location, extent and relative thickness of the sediments to be dredged. Could you please direct us to these documents or forward any copies?

Response: On the Village web-page, under River and Dam Project, YSU Study - this is the Distribution of Sediment Deposits in the Mahoning River. Attachment on additional e-mails also from Corps report.

3. Is there a new work plan, revised cost estimate or any documentation describing prioritized activities or areas to be addressed realizing the significantly reduced budget and dredging volume now planned instead of the initial scope in the WRRSP nomination form? If so, can you direct us to these documents or forward any copies?

Response: No, this will be part of the negotiations and scope of work with the selected design/build team.

4. If they’re not in the documents above, what are the average and low flow depths of the pool behind the dam?

Response: In an attachment.

5. If it’s not in the documents above, is there a schematic of the dam that we can review?

Response: Not that I am aware of.

6. Could we view any documentation you’ve received through the WRRSP program following submittal of the nomination form (other than the priority project list and the 2/15/13 program management letter from Director Nally posted on the City’s web site)?

Response: On the Village of Lowellville web-page is the Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program Form - it’s called Pollution Control Nomination Form on the web-site. I will also attach minutes from our phone conferences with the Ohio EPA and the Corps, and the phone conference with the Ohio EPA and DEFA.

7. Can you confirm that the SOQ is due Monday, June 17 rather than Friday, June 14 and that there is no page limitation?

Response: Yes, it is due Monday June 17, 2013 - just giving everyone the weekend.

8. What is the value of the project? It is understood that the WRRSP loan value is $2.8M; Thus, is it the intention that the project should provide maximum restoration value for the full expenditure of the project budget of at least $2.38M?

Response: The $2.8M is for the design and construction of the project.

9. Is the final selection (at Step 2) based on the lowest and best bid?

Response: No, we will be using the quality based selection. See the attached manual.

10. Is the dam registered with ODNR, and/or has it been determined as a jurisdictional class dam?

Response: ODNR has no jurisdiction over the dam, no need to coordinate with them on the removal.

11. Has the historical significance of the dam been determined?

Response: It has been determine the dam is potentially eligible for the National Registry - it will be treated as a historical structure.

12. What are the specific structures to be stabilized adjacent to the dam?

Response: That was thrown into the description as a catch-all depending on the final project. If part of the dam is left in place, or there is a need to stabilize any remaining structures, the project will have to include procedures for stabilizing those structures. In the end, this may not be an issue depending on the final project. The consultant will have to determine if any structure require stabilization depending on their proposal.