Village of Lowellville Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Village of Lowellville Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 600 East Water Street, Lowellville, OH. The facility treats wastewater from two (2) collection systems, north of the river and south of the river. Treated effluent from the plant discharges to the Mahoning River. The system serves approximately 1600 customers in the Lowellville area.

The design average daily flow is .5 million gallons with a peak flow on .9 million gallons. The plant maintains over 10 miles of Sanitary Sewers. The plant has also assumed the implementation of the Federally mandated Strom Water Utility. The basis of the storm water utility are the six minimum control measures: public education and outreach, public participation/involvement, Illicit discharge detection and elimination, constructions site runoff control, post-contruction control, and pollution prevention/good housekeeping.

Arrangements can be made for appointments, information, or any other inquires by contacting the Village Administrator, William Meehan, at 330-536-6415, the Plant Operator, Thomas Wolfgang, or the assistant Plant Operator, Keven McCarthy .