Lowellville2003Roslyn Torella, a former Lowellville resident (LHS class of 84) was kind enough to send our Mayor and the Village a compilation of newspaper articles covering events and people of Lowellville.

Follow this link to see the articles.


15 Responses to “Newspaper Articles from 1850s to the 1940s”

  1. Brit Smith says:

    What fun reading. Thank You so much for all your effort. Would love for someone to compile articles from 1940 till present. Again. Thank You. Our history is so important, and so easy forgotten, if not for people like you.

  2. Roslyn Torella says:

    Brit – thank you for your kind words! I am working on a second volume but like the first volume it is only very early articles. I decided not to create anything so recent because some of the stories could be hurtful to those still living. My main goal was to do “no harm” and only to share interesting stories of the distant past. I agree that our history is very important and it is a way for us all to be able to connect in the present by understanding our shared past!

  3. Eric Wojtowicz says:

    Thank you for putting this all together. I am not from the ville however spend a small amount of time down there. I love to read about the local history and events. Very interesting. Thank you again

  4. Mark Arp says:

    Roslyn-what a great piece you put together-outstanding! I’m sure your father was touched by this project. My dad showed me the article in the Vindicator today, which led me to this site. Is there any way I can purchase a hard copy of this work for my father? Again, great job and congratulations on this heartfelt project.

  5. Roslyn Torella says:

    Thank you Eric for taking the time to read our stories!!!

  6. Roslyn Torella says:

    Mark – you can download the PDF file from this website and then you can print it. If you don’t want to print it at home, you can copy it to a jump drive or CD and take it to an office supply/ print shop like FedEx Kinko’s. When I did my dad’s copy I printed the cover page separate and the had the remaining pages printed double side, punched holes in it and put it in a three ring binder with a clear view cover. Let me know if you can’t download it from this site and I will email you a copy. Nice to hear from – it’s been 29 years!!! Thank you for the kind words too!

  7. Debbie Donatelli says:

    I have been following Roslyns posts on Facebook regarding Village of Lowellville and I am enjoying them so much I must thank her for this project she is doing a spectacular job

  8. Roslyn Torella says:

    Debbie, thank you so much! I am so happy you like them!

  9. Pasquale J Moroocco says:

    Read your blog and am in awe of what I learned about the town I was born and grew up in as a kid. Lived on Railroad Street and then on Jackson Street on the southside of town -Kids from the southside were call river rats for some reason I never understood.

  10. Roslyn Torella says:

    Pasquale – nice to hear from you! I too learned so much in my research and it just made me love being a “river rat” even more! My family originally lived on Jackson, then Railroad and finally on E. Wood St. I am very glad you enjoyed the stories. Do you have a grandfather or Uncle named Pasquale Morrocco who settled in Lowellville prior to 1925? His name is on my list of early immigrants and I would love to know more about him, as well as other early immigrants. Please send me an email at LowellvilleHistory@gmail.com. Roslyn

  11. Roslyn Torella says:

    I have received a few requests for a copy of the first volume of articles, so if you are interested in a printed copy of Volume 1, I have shared the document with Boardman Printing, 8570 Foxwood Ct, Boardman, Ohio and they will print and bind it for you. The estimate they gave me is $16 per copy plus tax. If you would like to order a copy, you can call them at 330-965-2380 or stop in. They will request payment from you and you can pick it up the next day.

  12. mike moran says:

    Am enjoying your articles, your lead ins are interesting. I recently read a story about a game warden killed by the “black hand” Lowellville was mentioned as the hot spot where men who worked in the quarries came to spend their paychecks. Your work is especially rewarding for me.

    Your History Teacher,

    Mr. Moran

  13. Roslyn Torella says:

    Mr. Moran,
    Good to hear from you! Thank you for the kind words! Working on this project was much easier than getting an A in your American History class! LOL! The case of the murder of game warden Seely Houk around 1906 was one of the pivotal incidents that finally caused the local authorities to seriously work to end Black Hand crime in this area! The story is that Seely was last seen alive in Lowellville! I plan to include a few stories about the Black Hand in Volume 2.

    • mike moran says:


      The book was in our school library, I got great incite on Italian immigrants who worked the quarries. The “Black Hand” wanted a cut from their labor.
      A trial was held in New Castle, apparently Houk was killed because he killed the dog of the local Black Hand boss. I will send you the info so you can read the book. I found it a good read

      Mike Moran

      • Roslyn Torella says:

        Is the book Omerta: Code of Silence by Jack Weaver? I read it and enjoyed it! If not, yes please share the title.